D'mond FX R'bow Cake 50g NR5 Rainbow/Flabbergasted

Ideal to swirl on the face or arm with a damp sponge or brush as a base for pretty flowers etc.

Manufacturer: Diamond FX
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Grimas W'based Make-Up Pearl Colours - 15ml

Contains no perfume and is gluten-free.  This product is a glossy water-based make-up which works like water colour paint.


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Diamond FX Rainbow Cake 30g NR10 Captain Obvious

These water based cakes give superb coverage with a high concentration of pigment. They are easy to use and are excellent for line work, as well as sponging. The colours can be painted over any colour - even white on black, whilst still giving brightness and clarity. The make-up will last all day without cracking or fading. It has no perfume and has been approved by both the EU and the FDA institutions. Use a small quantity of water with a brush or sponge. The make-up is designed to go further with less water. Stipple colours evenly to give a smoother blend. Do not add more water to the sponge to do subtle tones and do not leave the brushes or sponges in the cake. Wash all sponges and brushes when finished. Cracks may form in cakes but these are not detrimental to the make-up.