Diamond FX 45gm Essential Colours

45gm professional Face paint. Wash off with soap and water.

Manufacturer: Diamond FX
  • Green
  • Pastel Golden Yellow
    Pastel Golden Yellow
  • Red
  • Pastel Grey
    Pastel Grey
  • Pastel Fuchsia Pink
    Pastel Fuchsia Pink
  • Pastel Blue
    Pastel Blue
  • Pink
  • Dark Blue
    Dark Blue
  • Mid Blue
    Mid Blue
  • Light Blue
    Light Blue
  • Dark Green
    Dark Green
  • Light Green
    Light Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Mid Brown
    Mid Brown
  • Light Brown
    Light Brown
  • Purple
  • Sea Green
    Sea Green
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Diamond FX is a water based product that is highly pigmentated . Best washed off with soap and water.

A professional product.

Please note that black and white are available but only in size 28g. Please go to page 4 to find the product.


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A professional face paint in a conveniant pot that screws together Wash off with soap and water.


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