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Airbrush Body Painting by Roger Hassler

A step-by-step guide to body painting, tattoos, make-up and tanning.

American Face Painter - May 2010

This issue features step-by-step circus designs for face painters. Other designs include elephant headdress and upstanding elephant, sassy sea lion, circus seal, ringmaster, and many others.

A-Z Animal Designs

A 33 page face painting workbook depicting face painting designs by Juliet Eve.

Basic Face Painting + by Nick & Brian Wolfe

This book gives you the  basic techniques of face painting.  Nick & Brian Wolfe will take you one step further, with a special selection of more challenging creations.    In this book you will find inspiring examples like a rainbow butterfly, a Halloween Pumpkin or a little more difficult vampiress.



Basic Face Painting by Brian and Nick Wolfe

Gives you all the basic principles and techniques of face painting.

Endless Facepainting by Saskia de Wit

The book contains 17 different step-by-step guides which include every design needed to get you started. There are butterflies, princesses, tigers, a pirate, monster, witch, dog, clown and Spiderman.

The book contains 46 pages and is wire bound so that it opens flat, making it easy to use.


Extreme Facepainting by Brian & Nick Wolfe

This book contains 50 face painting designs and is in two sections. The first section contains designs suitable for children and the second section has Halloween type designs.


Fast Forward Festival Faces by Mark Reid & Friends

This is a soft back A5 bound book with 95 pages and over 400 images.

Contains the innovative designs that were painted at the Texas State Fair by Mark Reid and Friends.

Each page features a particular face, i.e. dragons, tigers, butterflies, sunset, snakes, skulls and many others.

Also includes step-by-step instructions for some of the designs for you to try.


Funky Foxes Meets Friends by Rene Reiche

This book contains 54 step-by-step instructions.  The images include a bronze coloured bunny, kissing fish, gruesome eye scars and a horned dragon, to name but a few.  Some are full face and some, side face.  They vary in difficulty but the instructions are very clear.

The instructions and artist information are in both English and German.  The book uses symbols to indicate using a sponge, brush, powder, glitter and different colours, which makes it easier to understand.


Grimas Face Painting - Special Make-Up

This 52 page booklet shows you how to create special effects.


Growing Yr Highly Profitable Face Painting B'ness

This book by Sherill Church tells you how to develop your face painting business in order to generate significant and consistent profits.


Illusion - Fantasy Cats by Mark Reid

Mark Reid, the master face and body painter from New Mexico, is releasing his first book on 4 November. Brought to you by the experienced publishing team at Illusion, Fantasy Cats is all about Mark's favourite subject of cats, tigers and all things feline and includes:- 12 original step-by-step cat designs by Mark, all with beautifully clear photogtaphs and instructions. Top tips on equipment and brushstroke techniques. Designs such as Basic Tiger and Basic Spotted Cat to help you learn to create your own signature cat style. More complex designs such as Flaming Tiger and Angel Kitten, which illustrate just how versatile cat designs can be. A gallery of ideas to inspire even the most expert face painter. 56 glossy pages.

Illusion - Just For Fun Faces 2

This 91 page hard cover book contains 44 step-by-step designs. There is no need for written instructions as the pictures are so comprehensive. Sixteen of the designs use split cakes.

Illusion Airbrush Bodypainting Step-By-Step

This book gives a a step-by-step introduction into the airbrush technique in body painting and its fields of application such as tattoos, make-up. tanning. as well as whole body painting.

Illusion Fast Fun Faces Face Painting book

A new book by Illusion Publishing, Fast Fun Faces! The team at Illusion, Julie Oliver and Claire Pick have just published another step-by-step book of face painting. With 29 exciting designs, based on our knowledge of faces children like the most, this book offers something for everyone - from the novice to the expert face painter. As always, our easy-to-follow photographic stages are presented with clear written instructions to make this book easy to use. The designs have been chosen to give you a range of options which will please boys and girls of all ages.


Illusion Magazine Issue 1 - Winter 2006

Due to popular demand, Illusion has reprinted the very first issue of Illusion Magazine! This issue features a beautiful front cover by Lynne Jamieson, with an article about her and more of her work inside. This premier issue also features the amazing art of Mark Reid, Emma Cammack, Suzanne Mykolajenko, Craig Tracy, Nick Wolfe and more!

Illusion Magazine Issue 20 - Winter 2012

This is a special 20th edition of the magazine. It contains articles by Lynne Jamieson, Marcela Murad and Brian Wolfe.

Marcela shows some gorgeous mask designs and talks about what inspires her and how the industry is changing.

On page 51 Craig Tracy imagines a world where body painting is a recognised art in traditional schools and work by body artists is displayed in art galleries.


Illusion Magazine Issue 7 - Winter 2008

Mariette Kerssies, a talented face painter from Holland talks about her life and showcases new and innovative designs.

There are also convention reviews and festival round ups from across the world.


Illusion Magazine, Issue 11 - Spring 2010

This issue contains designs by Rebecca Anthony, the ultra-glamorous model who appears on the front of the magazine. Also featured is an article on the art of Paul Roustan, who turned his obsession with the human body into something much more creative, and lots of designs for you to do including robot faces, butterfly art using prosthetics, a neon tiger, and much more.

Illusion Magazine, Issue 16 - Winter 2011

Illusion Magazine, Issue 16, Winter 2011.

Illusion Magazine, Issue 17, Spring 2012

Contains articles including 'The Fun Of Fur' by Nick Wolfe, 'Send In the Clowns' by Claire Guest (clown designs for the face), 'Fantasy Make-Up' by Becstar Anthony and many more.

Illusion Step-By-Step Guide to Face Painting Bk 2

This step-by-step guide for face painters of all standards features 28 completely new designs created by 25 artists from around the world, including Nick and Brian Wolfe, Marcela Murad, Pashur, Yolanda Bartram and many more.

With easy to follow staged pictures, clear photography and simple instructions this book offers something for everyone - from the novice to the expert face painter.

Its practical style makes this book the ideal companion on a professional job but also invaluable for anyone wanting to paint for the first time.

Kryolan Makeup Manual

This book gives a fundamental knowledge of theatrical make-up, mask/mould making, body painting, high definition make-up and camouflage make-up. It depicts many images, examles of masks and gives step-by-step instructions and is ideal for professionald and amateurs.


Marcela Murad - Face Painting Book of Cats

The Face Painting Book of Cats by Marcela 'Mama Clown' Murad is the second book in the Face Painting book series by Silly Farm and Mama Clown. This amazing book features over 50 Original Cat Face Painting designs by Marcela and other talented artists such as Jinny, Mark Reid, Sandy Hill, and so many more. It is a must have to your Face Painting book collection.

Marcela Murad Face Painting Book of Fairy Princesses

In the third book of her series, artist Marcela Murad brings together her own work and those that have inspired her, and invites the fairy princesses in all of us to come out and play. These designs will help awaken memories of our own childhoods.

Marcela Murad Face Painting Book Of Holiday Designs

Features 20 designs including Easter, Valentine, Halloween and Christmas. All step by step instructions

Nick & Brian's Faces of Fantasy

Nicky and Brian Wolfe have just produced this new book. It contains quick and easy faces. Faces include Dragon, Mermaiden, Unicorn, Crowned Royal, etc.


Painted Alive - Schiffer Publishing Ltd

'Painted Alive' is the first collection of body painted images by New Orleans artist Craig Tracy. More than sixty transformative and intimately provocative works reveal Tracy's vision, which ranges from realistic to conceptual and surreal. This monograph challenges the perception of conventional contemporary art and is ideal for anyone who collects, appreciates, and/or studies contemporary art.


Pick Your Nose - Volume 3 by Margi Kanter

This book focuses on designs from under the sea and has twelve new nose art designs including 'Angel Fish', 'Silly Seagull', 'Crazy Frog', 'Rock Lobster' etc.

Each design is broken down with step-by-step instructions to show clear photography and shows the colours needed to create the design.


Pick Your Nose Volume 1 by Margi Kanter

This is a 36 page full colour guide to painting vehicles and animals, centring round the nose and eyes. It includes specific paints and brushes for each step, as well as trips on cartoon eyes and other details.

Pick Your Nose Volume 2 by Margi Kanter

This book is the second in the series. It contains 36 full-colour pages. It teaches how to paint Margi's cartoon face painting designs.

Clear instructions for each step-by-step design.


Snazaroo Face Painting Guide

The book is comprehensive, fun and contains lots of exciting designs, ideas and step-by-step instructions and guidance on the materials you will need.

Snazaroo Five Minute Faces

The book is comprehensive, fun and contains lots of exciting designs, ideas and step-by-step instructions and guidance on the materials you will need.

Snazaroo FX Faces

Special effects face painting. The book is comprehensive, fun and contains lots of exciting designs, ideas and step-by-step instructions and guidance on the materials you will need.

Snazaroo Special FX Guide

The book is comprehensive, fun and contains lots of exciting designs, ideas and step-by-step instructions and guidance on the materials you will need.

Special Makeup Effects For Stage & Screen

This book by Todd Debreceni tells you how to make and apply prosthetics.


Starting Yr Super Succ'ful Face Painting Business

This book by Sherrill Church tells you all you need to know about starting a face painting business.


The Complete Make-Up Artist by Penny Delamar

This second edition book is essential for anyone wishing to become a successful make-up artist.


This book contains a wealth of information, activities and advice and meets the syllabus requirements for City and Guilds, Edexcel, ITEC, IHBC, CIBTAC and NVQ media make-up courses.


The Henna Body Art Book

Everything you need to know in order to create stunning temporary tattoos.

The Little Story Bk of Face Painted Fairies Vol 1

Suzanne Mykolajenko has created simple and effective designs to suggest a fairy face that brings alive the stories she used to tell her daughter when she was little. This book is sure to appeal to all ages. These designs are quick and easy to paint. Normally retails at £8.50.

The Story Book of Face Painted Fairies, Vol 2

This book by Suzanne Mykolajenko contains 22 different types of fairy designs, each accompanied by a watercolour and fairy description. This book will appeal to professionals and beginners. Normally retails at £8.50.