Lip Make-Up - Kryolan

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Kryolan High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine - 4ml

This is a newly developed lip gloss with special pearl pigments based on Mica.

Available in 16 shades.


Kryolan Elegant Lipstick 4g

This lipstick comes in a metal case.


Kryolan Lip Gloss - 8gm

Kryolan Lip Gloss can be the final touch for an eye catching look.This lip gloss is available in transparent and in a wide range of exciting and attractive colors to emphasize an exceptional beauty make-up. Lip Gloss transparent provides a long lasting clear-gloss effect over any lip rouge.Lip Gloss Glitter creates magical sparkle effects.Lip Gloss in highly pigmented shades can be used to provide a shiny lip make-up.


Kryolan Lip Rouge Palette - 6 cols

Kryolan 6 colour palette.

This lipstick includes Vitamin E to stimulate the skin repair mechanism. Produces a matt finish and gives good durability.


Kryolan Lip Rouge Set 15ml

Five colours in an attractive case with transparent lid. There are six different sets of colours as follows:-

LC131, LC005, LC120, LF102, LC010

LRS 111 - LC141, LC157, LP649, LF411, LF407

LRS 121 - LC211, LC159, LF104, LP662, LC404

LRS 131 - LC158, LC144, LC401, LC403, LF404

LRS 101 - LF401, LC196, LC197, LF198, LF413

LRS 141 - LF202, LP623, LP626, LC201, LC120.


Kryolan lipstick - 4g

Traditional lipstick in a plastic push-up container. Press 'click to enlarge' to see range of colours. To see whole chart please click on it and press on percentage reduction icon at bottom of chart.