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08500 Illusion Finer Point Brush No. 1

Fine round brush. It is designed for detailed brush strokes and is perfect for dots and fine detail. Made of synthetic fibres set into a metallic wooden handle.  The brush hair is dark brown Toray.


08501 Illusion Lush Line Brush No. 2

A long liner. Designed for sweeping curls and swirls and controlled line work. Made of European Sable.


08502 Illusion Easy Line Brush No. 3

Round versatile brush made of European Sable. Ideal for all artists.


08503 Illusion Vital Line Brush No. 4

Number 6 round European Sable brush suitable for sweeping curls.


08504 Illusion Fuller Line Brush No. 5

Large round tipped brush. The perfect brush for teardrops, painting lips and creating monster teeth.

Brush hair is made of dark brown Toray.


08506 Illusion Brush Hour Brush No. 7

A dagger shape. Ideal for pin-striping and creating thin lines. Also excellent for creating feathers, whiskers and thick-to-thin ribbon strokes.

Brush made of gold synthetic hair.


08507 Illusion Fun Fur Brush No. 8

A flat textured synthetic brush which is versatile to create fur, feathers, hair and foliage.

Made of gold synthetic hair.


08508 Illusion Edge Me Brush No. 9

A square chisel 10mm wide flat brush. Perfect for razor sharp edges.

Made of gold Toray hair.


08509 Illusion Dream Blend Brush No. 10

A rounded chisel brush. Designed for perfect blending. A versatile synthetic brush made of gold synthetic hair. Can also be used to create large petals.


08510 Illusion Big Mama Body Painting Brush No. 11

Large flat body painter's brush.  Made of gold synthetic hair.


08511 Illusion Big Papa Body Painting Brush No. 12

Extra large flat body painter's brush, 40mm.

Made of gold synthetic hair.


08512 Illusion Powder Blush Brush No. 13

08512 Illusion Powder Blush Brush No. 13.

Made of black goat hair.