Diamond FX Pastel Shades 32g

Diamond FX Pastel Shades 32g

Manufacturer: Diamond FX
  • Golden Yellow
    Golden Yellow
  • Pastel Blue
    Pastel Blue
  • Pastel Grey
    Pastel Grey
  • Pastel Lavender
    Pastel Lavender
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Diamond FX 32gm Essential Colours

Diamond FX is a water based product that is highly pigmentated . Best washed off with soap and water.

A professional product.

Please note that black and white are available but only in size 28g. Please go to page 4 to find the product.


Mehron Paradise Make-Up 40gm

Paradise Makeup AQ

 Standard colours 40gm pots

Paradise Makeup AQ is a colour saturated, water-soluble, semi soft, moist cake makeup. used with water and applied directly to the skin over a base of traditional powder, cake or liquid makeup using a brush or sponge.

Our unique blend of ingrediants includes Aloe and Camomile to help make paradise makeup AQ safe and gentle to the skin. Glycerine, avocado and coconut oil provide rich vibrant colour, saturated coverage. The colour will dry quickly with minimal rub off. Washes off easily. No special removers needed. Brushes and sponges will also clean easily and last longer.



Diamond FX Neon Mag/Orange/Yell/Green/Pink 45gm

Diamond FX Neon Magenta, Orange, Yellow, Pink and Green 45gm

Diamond FX 90gm Essential Colours

A professional face paint in a conveniant pot that screws together Wash off with soap and water.