Henry Margu Revitalize Conditioning Mist 236ml

Use this spray-on conditioner to rejuvenate and freshen your wig. It will also help to reduce fibre friction on synthetic wigs.

Manufacturer: Henry Margu
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Henry Margu Shape Defining Spritz 236ml

Henry Margu Synthetic Shape Defining Styling Spritz 8 fl ozs/236 ml.

Gives a gentle hold to your hair style.


Dermacolor Mini Palette BRX1-14gm

Dermacolor Mini palettes contain 16 different colours. A small sample of the colour so that you can try different shades, or mix together to get the shade you require. There are 10 different palettes with different shades in. We have tried to show the mini palettes but with printed show cards colours can vary depending on your computor settings. We are always available to offer advice and are members of BASC The British Association of Skin Camouflage and Camouflage Network. You always need to powder the product to stop it coming off on to clothes. When applied correctly it will be waterproof. All colours available in 5ml and 25ml sizes when you have made your choice. If you are in Bristol you can always make an appointment to have a colour match in our showroom.