Kryolan Fixier Spray 500ml Refll

KRYOLAN Fixier Spray is a special cosmetic preparation for application over makeup. It creates an invisible protective film, which prolongs the life of the makeup and its effects. Fixier Spray is particularly effective for body painting with KRYOLAN Aquacolor and with other wet makeup preparations. KRYOLAN Fixier Spray is applied thinly and evenly and allowed to dry. The protected makeup is then smudge and rub-proof, and withstands even excessively harsh effects and exposure. Setting Spray makes any makeup resistant to cold water and considerably delays the deterioration of makeup on the skin as a result of perspiration. Setting Spray contains alcohol and should not be applied near eyes or mucous membranes. Setting Spray can be easily removed with soap and warm water.


Manufacturer: Kryolan
SKU: 2293