Kryolan Tear Stick 4g

Kryolan Tear Stick 4g. To help the tears flow.A safe product near the eyes.

Manufacturer: Kryolan
SKU: 03005-00
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Mouldlife Kensington Gore Aged Blood 50g

With their knowledge of the special effects market, Mouldlife have developed a range of theatrical bloods for the special effects artist. Their new blood range meets the raised standards of high definitiion studies and stage lighting. Ig comes in four translucent gloss colours - Arterial, Venial, Aged and Clotted.


The key features of Mouldlife's blood range are:-


smooth glossy texture and finish;


edible with a peppermint taste;


non-staining and washes off with soap and water;


washes out of fabrics easily;


smears well on the skin;


intense translucent colours which maintain a visceral quality;


non-beading for silicone props (non-edible version).


Kryolan Fresh Scratch 15ml

Kryolan Fresh Scratch. Thick wound filler congealed blood. Available in Light or Dark.