Mehron Modelling Wax 1oz

Mehron Modelling Wax 1oz. For alteration of features. Can be made up over the top.

Manufacturer: Mehron
SKU: M 139
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Mehron Synwax 8oz

A synthetic wax which is easily manipulated, perfect for eyebrow block and does not require a fixative as standard wax. Simply apply directly to the skin, blend edges with a little petrolium Jelly and apply any cream based makeup right over it. It stays flexible even after application with skin's movement. A soft, supple wax for smoothing the edges on prosthetic pieces, building up facial areas and blocking out eyebrows etc.


Mehron Pro Colour Bruise Wheel 5 cols

Mehron Pro Colour Bruise Wheel 5 cols


Kryolan Tuplast 15ml

Kryolan Tuplast 15ml. Plastic in tube form used to create small flexible cuts, abrasions, etc. Can be sculpted on glass or prepared in a plastic mould which has been sealed with shellac or varnish or lightly coated with petroleum jelly. Deep moulds will require several layers. When cured can be glued to the skin.