Mouldlife Sculpt Gel 300ml

Wax has been used for years as a quick way of creating directly-applied three dimensional things like cuts, scars, swellings and moles. Gelatine is great for direct-applied burn effects, and latex can create peeling skin. All of these can also be achieved with two-part platinum silicone pastes such as Sculpt Gel.

'Two-part platinum silicone pastes' may sound technical and off-putting to some, but these materials are very simple to use. This article aims to show you a simple method for using Sculpt Gel.

There are similar materials such as 'Third Degree', which behave in the same fashion owing to the fact that it is also a two-part silicone based product. The main difference with this kind of material compared to wax is that you need to measure out equal amounts, mix them and apply them to the skin before it sets or 'cures' with a working time of 4-5 minutes. You can cover larger areas by adding additional mixes, as it will bond well to itself. Unlike wax, it doesn't damage easily.

There are two main kinds of silicone used in makeup effects work: 'tin cure' (sometimes known as 'condensation cure') and 'platinum cure' (sometimes known as 'addition cure'). Largely, the tin silicones are used to make moulds, and the platinum silicones are used for things that are going onto skin. It is platinum silicone which is used to make these pastes.

The only thing you need to remember is avoid contact with latex! Platinum silicones are usually very sensitive, and exposure to latex (in a dried or liquid form) can result in the silicone not curing properly. This is known as 'inhibition', and usually occurs on a surface someone has touched using latex gloves. As a result, if you do ever need to wear gloves make sure you use vinyl and not latex!

Sculpt Gel comes with three specially formulated part platinum silicone paste components - clearly marked as parts A, B and C. Parts A and B are the two silicone components which need to be mixed together thoroughly to cure. They have been pigmented two different flesh tones to avoid confusion as to which is which. Part C is purely a softener, and is clear.

Using a clean spatula or wooden tool for each material to avoid cross-contamination, scoop out equal sized blobs of parts A and B onto a clean surface.

You can mix these two parts together and use it as is, or add some part C to soften the mixture further. That's basically it. A palette or a ceramic tile is good to mix on, as these can easily be cleaned and re-used using a little alcohol on a cotton wool pad or tissue.

Simple to use and including a clear softener to increase the flesh like feel.

Mouldlife Sculpt Gel is the professionals choice for creating stunning rapid direct applications which offer the user maximum flexibility and control.

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