Snazaroo black fine round brush

Snazaroo black fine round brush.

Manufacturer: Snazaroo
SKU: 1192020
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Snazaroo Face Painter's Kit (600+ Faces)

This kit is ideal for schools, playgroups, after-school groups, etc. where it is used mainly for special events and fundraising.

Contains: 1 x 18ml black, bright red, grass green, bright pink, turquoise, orange, sky blue and light brown. 1 x 30ml white and bright yellow, 1 x 10 pack high density sponges, 1 medium round brush (red), 1 x medium flat brush (yellow), 1 x fine round brush (black), 1 x 12ml glitter gel - silver, red gold and new multi, 1 x Five Minute Faces book and a face painting kit box. Please note: Picture of Face Paint Carry Case is just an example, colours and styles may vary at any time.


Snazaroo high density face paint sponges - 10 pack

Snazaroo high density face painting sponges.


Snazaroo white large flat brush

This large flat tapered brush (half inch across) made by Snazaroo is for covering large areas and ... All Snazaroo face painting brushes are made from Toray, a synthetic and durable material.


Snazaroo blue fine flat brush

Snazaroo fine flat blue brush.