Grimas Cake Make-up 35gm

Grimas Cake Make-Up is a very matt basic make-up. It is used for cosmetic make-up (television, film and photography) as well as for large and small-scale theatre. Cake make-up is ideal for large areas of the body (e.g. for ballet, body-painting or facepainting. Cake make-up is available only in 35-grams. There is a large range of colours of cake make-up: black, white, off-white, grey and a wide range of skin shades, from light to very dark skin. the skin should be clean. You could use Grimas Cleansing Lotion. If the skin is somewhat dehydrated or sensitive, you can apply a thin layer of Grimas Under Make-Up Base once you have cleansed the skin. Do this a few minutes before applying the cake make-up to ensure that the under make-up base has been completely absorbed into the skin. Do not use any greasy creams under the cake make-up. Key to colour chart: B1 - beige 1; B2 - beige 2; B3 - beige 3; B4 - beige 4; B5 - beige 5; B6 - beige 6; D8 - for dark skin; D12 for dark skin; GO - Neutral light; G1 - Neutral women - G3 - Neutral men; G4; J3; J5; LE - Light eqyptian; DE - Dark egyptian; OA - Old age; PF - Pale flesh - N2 - Dark brown; N3 - Warm dark brown; 001 - White; 003 - Broken white; 101 - Black; 102 - Light grey; 1001 - dark brown; 1002 - Stage women; 1002 - Stage women; 1004 - Chinese; 1005 - Stage women; 1006 - Middle aged woman; 1007 - Old age; 1014 - Dark brown men; 1015 - Light brown women; 1027 - Stage men; 1033 - Stage women; 1040 - Gypsy, light brown; 1043 - Chocolate; 1075 - Brick red; 1124 - Stage colours increasing; 1125; 1126; 1521 - Corpse colour.

Manufacturer: Grimas
  • J3
  • J5
  • 102 light grey
    102 light grey
  • 003 broken white
    003 broken white
  • 101 black
    101 black
  • D12 dark skin
    D12 dark skin
  • LE light egyptian
    LE light egyptian
  • DE dark egyptian
    DE dark egyptian
  • OA old age
    OA old age
  • PF pale flesh
    PF pale flesh
  • N2 dark brown
    N2 dark brown
  • N3 warm dark brown
    N3 warm dark brown
  • 001 white
    001 white
  • G0 neutral light
    G0 neutral light
  • G1 neutral women
    G1 neutral women
  • G3 neutral men
    G3 neutral men
  • D8 dark skin
    D8 dark skin
  • B1 beige 1
    B1 beige 1
  • B2 beige 2
    B2 beige 2
  • B3 beige 3
    B3 beige 3
  • B4 beige 4
    B4 beige 4
  • B5 beige 5
    B5 beige 5
  • B6 beige 6
    B6 beige 6
  • 1001 dark brown
    1001 dark brown
  • 1002 stage women
    1002 stage women
  • 1004 chinese
    1004 chinese
  • 1005 stage women
    1005 stage women
  • 1006 middle aged woman
    1006 middle aged woman
  • 1007 old age
    1007 old age
  • 1014 dark brown men
    1014 dark brown men
  • 1521 corpse colour
    1521 corpse colour
  • 1015 light brown women
    1015 light brown women
  • 1027 stage men
    1027 stage men
  • 1033 stage women
    1033 stage women
  • 1040 gypsy, light brown
    1040 gypsy, light brown
  • 1043 chocolate
    1043 chocolate
  • 1075 brick red
    1075 brick red
  • 1124 stage colours increasing
    1124 stage colours increasing
  • 1125
  • 1126
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Grimas Eyeshadow/Rouge 2gm

Grimas Eyeshadow/Rouge is an intensely coloured pressed powder for application to the skin to create a colour, shadow or highlighting effect. Eyeshadow/Rouge is suitable for a range of make-up purposes. Eyeshadow/Rouge is available in palettes of 6 and 12 pieces and in 2 gram individual (A1) cups (Pearl Eyeshadow 2,5 gram).

There are matt shades varying from bright colours to skin and shadow shades and there are glossy shades as well: Pearl Eyeshadow, for a glossy/iridescent effect. The colours can all be mixed.

Eyeshadow/Rouge has more uses than purely as eye shadow and blusher. For example, it is also used by cosmeticians/visagists for colouring eyebrows, as well as for modelling and shaping. Eyeshadow/Rouge also makes a perfect eyeliner when used in combination with Grimas Cleansing Lotion. Pearl Eyeshadow can be applied on top of lipstick, fixing and giving a gloss effect at the same time. Combined with Grimas Cake Make-up, Eyeshadow/Rouge can be used for shadowing and highlighting effects.

Toxicology - this product is assessed against the Cosmetics Regulation (1223/2009/EC)

Contains less than 50 CFUs/g of bacteria, yeasts and moulds. Pathogens: not present.

Work hygienically: with clean hands and clean materials. Can be used for children.

May be used near the eyes and on the mucous membranes but if spilt in the eye rinse with water immediately.

Grimas Derma Wax 60ml

Grimas Derma Wax 60ml. Easy to knead transparent and adheres well to the skin. Ideal for small and large cuts and wounds. Can be faded into the skin easily. Cleansing cream or powder can be used on top.


Hairaisers Goatee Beard

Small chin beard made from human hair on fine lace. Spirit gum adhesive and spirit gum remover is required. Taken off with care the beard can be used many times. We normally recomend when you are covering so much of the face that you use toupee tape in the large area with spirit gum just around the edges. (Toupee tape keeps gents toupees on so it works) We sell toupee tape in rolls or strips.