Grimas Correction Stick Pure 3.5g

The Grimas Correction Stick Pure is for covering all the problem areas on the face. It comes in five different shades and is suitable for all skin types.

408 Colour (Green) is for covering fresh red pimples and then to touch up with foundation.

B1 Colour is for fair skin.

GO Colour is for Caucasian skin and the very fair skin.

IV5 Colour (contains yellow undertones) is for fair to mid-colour skintone.

W3 Colour (contains red undertones) is for fair to mid-colour skintone. good for covering dark eye circles.

Removal: The Correction Stick can be removed with Grimas Cleansing Cream, Multi Remover or Make-Up Remover. If necessary, clean with soap and water (shampoo can also be used). Cleanse the skin with Cleansing Lotion.

Manufacturer: Grimas
  • W3
  • IV5 neutral yellowish
    IV5 neutral yellowish
  • GO Neutral Light
    GO Neutral Light
  • B1
  • 408 (Green)
    408 (Green)