Grimas Covercream Stick 23ml

Grimas Covercream Stick is based on oils and waxes. It has good covering capabilities and isused for cosmetic and theatridal make-up. Covercream comes in a 23ml twist stick.

Base: Covercream Pure can be applied directly on to the skin. Grimas Under Make-Up Base can be applied first if the skin is dry or sensitive. allow 10 minutes for it to be absorbed before continuing. A very thin layer of Grimas Anti-shine can be applied to the forehead, nose and chin before using Covercream Pure on greasy or combination skin (partially greasy).

Application: Covercream Pure is highly suitable for light cosmetic camouflage. The waxes and oils allow Covercream Pure to be blended away easily, making it excellent for highlights and shadows, both for cosmetic (shaping, modelling) and theatrial purposes (ageing, creating various characters effects).

Procedure: Work directly from the stick. Use a slightly damp latex sponge or make-up sponge to apply it onto the skin with a dabbing/rolling action. Apply the base layer up into the hairline and do not forget the ears and neck. This will prevent it from looking like a mask. To fix and matt it you can powder the Covercream Pure off with Grimas Transparent Powder, Make-Up Powder, Fixing Powder or Colour Powder.

Removal: Covercream Pure is used on waxes and oils and can therefore not be removed with water. Methods for remover include Grimas Cleansing Cream, Afschmink, Make-Up Remover or Multi Remover. The last residues can then be removed with Cleansing Lotion.

Manufacturer: Grimas
  • Black
  • White
  • 1006
  • 1027
  • 1521
  • B1
  • B2
  • B4
  • J1
  • J5
  • J7
  • G0
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  • G4
  • 1001 dark brown
    1001 dark brown
  • W2
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