Grimas Fixing Powder 60g

Grimas Fixing Powder is a loose, transparent, water-repellent powder for various make-up purposes (beauty in particular) It is used for fixing Grimas Foundation, Creme Make-up (Pure), Camouflage Make-up (Pure) and Lipstick (kiss-proof). Fixing Powder is availabkle in 2g, 60g and 150g pots.


Best applied with a powder brush or puff. Leave for a few minutes and then brush off excess.

Manufacturer: Grimas
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Mehron Starblend Cake Make-Up 56g

Mehron Starblend Cake Make-Up 56g

A powder-based product similar to the Max Factor. Use on face and body. Washes off with soap and water. Best applied with a sponge.

Colours on chart are as follows. First row Eurasia Ivory, Eurasia Fair, Eurasia Chinese. Second row Light Olive, Med Lt Olive, Med Olive, Mid Dark Olive, Dark Olive. Third row Alabaster, Extra Fair, Juvenile, Fair Female, Med Male. Fourth row Lt Egyptian, Old Age, Dk Egyptian, Butterfly/Geisha, Oriental. Fifth row Monster Grey, Moonlight White. Sixth row Ivory Bisque, Soft Beige, Lt Tan, Medium Tan, Bronzed Tan. Seventh row Soft Peach, Lt Beige Blush, Tan Glow, Lt Cinnamon, Ruddy Bronze. Eighth row Lt Cocoa, Sable, Ebony, Lt Ebony, Med Ebony, Ninth row Lt Buff, Neutral Buff, Lt Khaki, Amber Tan, Rich Topaz. Tenth row Contour I, Contour II, Warm Honey, True Tan. Eleventh row Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue. 12th row Lt Grey, Purple, Green, Orange, Pink.

Colours American Indian, Indian, Moonlight White and Pale Rose are not on the colour chart.


Grimas Cream/Creme Make-up - 2.5 refill for palette, 15ml and 60ml sizes

Grimas Creme Make-up (Pure)* is based on oils and waxes. It has good covering capabilities and is used for cosmetics, cosmetic camouflage and theatrical make-up.


Snazaroo Clown White 250ml

Snazaroo Clown White can be used without water.

Snazaroo products comply with the strictest cosmetic regulations, are water-basd, easy to apply and remove. They are hypoallergenic, skin friendly and fragrance free.

Non toxic and washable.


Grimas Velour Powder Puffs

Velour powder puff 10 cm across.

Please note: Only one powder puff for sale.