Grimas Red Sable Slanted Brush - MS14

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These brushes are suitable for applying all types of make-up and powders. The high-quality red sable hair is resilient and retains its flexibility. Red Sable-Hair brushes are available in various shapes: round (MR), flat (M), filbert (L) and new slanted (MS). The brushes have a black stem and the number indicates the width in mm.

The round brushes can be used for rounded shapes, such as decorative curls. The thin round brushes are suitable for eyeliner. Brush L4 can be used as a lipstick brush. The flat square-topped brushes can be used for applying water make-up. The high-quality sable hair also takes up powder (eye shadow/rouge) well.

Sable hair brushes can be cleaned with shampoo or soap and water. After washing, mould the wet hair into the right shape by hand and leave the brush to dry on a tea-towel. Do not leave the brush upright during drying because the water will then be absorbed into the shaft. Do not leave brushes standing in water for long periods. This is bad for the hairs.
Manufacturer: Grimas